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Meow is an eager gogo milf that loves to fuck. The blonde hair is a nice touch, like fucking a brand new girl. Few things in life match up to sinking balls deep in Meow’s slick shaved pussy. I tried to fuck her ass but without lube it proved a bit painful for Meow. No matter, her pussy and mouth are more than adequate for sperm!


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Game works at gogo on Walking Street. What caught my eye first was her being completely naked! That’s one of the greatest selling points in the world. Game sat her naked solid body on my lap and grinded my cock with finesse. There was no passing her up for a short time and she more than delivered in the room. Without any showering Game bent over the bed and after a few flicks of her wet snatch with my tongue went easily inside her. Balls deep in her bareback pussy and could feel my sperm aching to launch inside her pretty box. Everything about her was perfect: tits, ass, pussy and attitude. Damn I love Thai pussy!


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Amateur pattaya bargirl

Chipmunk cheeks and nice round ass, Emmie is ADORABLE. She even has cute bunny rabbit teeth that she’s really shy about when she smiles. I barfined Emmie and took her to one of the many short time rooms in Pattaya. She was horny and ready to go. Emmie lifted her skirt and peeled off her mix-matched panties showing her completely shaved pussy. I fucked Emmie immediately then had her taste her pussy off my cock. Emmie licked my cock, balls and asshole then went back on top for a creampie ride. If felt magical blowing a gigantic load deep inside her bargirl pussy. Will check back with her again to see if this little angel is knocked up. See Emmie sex video here!


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Redhead thai bar girl

Besides the latest trend of inflated barfines there’s quite a few girls sporting colored hair. Red, blonde and even green are the colors of choice. Can’t say I mind, the different hair colors can add personality where it might otherwise be missing. All the being said Gey is a perfect 10 short time. All smiles and a dripping wet pussy. Gey was fresh from the shower and still wet and enjoyed fucking her with the towel bunched up to her waist. Then blowing a load all over her shaved crotch. If you see Gey buy her a drink and get right to business. You won’t regret spending quality short time with her.


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Damn I love girls like this. So beautiful in their clothes, then when you strip them down you know they are street meat for many many strangers to fuck. Even though I didn’t fuck Spy’s ass could see it’s had alot of action. It totally defies her braces smile and scrunchy teen face. Another nice change was additional pussy hair on Spy. Her pussy was slimy and wet instantly and she loved getting fucked. Another perfect teen whore in Pattaya.


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Picked up Jajea at a seedy Walking Street beer bar and creampied her until the sun came up! Strolling along Walking Street I spotted Jajea. She’s a 20 year old dark hottie from Surin, the land of down & brown girls. Jajea was sitting at her bar with a couple of older Thai gals. At first she was a little stand-offish, but that changed when I bought a round of shots for her and her friends. Jajea spring to life. She rubbed her big soft ass against my crotch while coaxing another drink out of me. No problem honey, the more the merrier. I was getting right drunk so pitched Jajea on shorttime. Her reply let me know my hands were going to be full when she said yes but only if I fucked her 10 times. Wtf??? I kissed her and said would give it my best effort. We went to the room and asked if she’s be ok with a video for an extra fee. Jajea said sure and went off to the shower. As you can see she starts off shy but once she starts getting fucked getting into it BIG TIME. Jajea’s pussy milked all the cum from me as I exploded deeply inside. Jajea kissed me and said time for round 2! My dick agreed and pushed her back missionary. Her wet cunt needed more seed and was more than happy to deliver. She was begging to be bred. I kissed her neck and ears doggystyle and drilled into her prone body. Wanting proof of knocking her up I pulled out and coated Jajea’s pussy then pushed all the hot cum back into her unprotected box. I only managed two popshots with Jajea but that was more than enough for me in this perfect shorttime session. See Jajea videos for free here!


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Tiny thai bargirl gets loads of cum

Oei is a pristine teen that dances at a shitty gogo. Just look at that changing room, it’s like a warzone! Oei’s body is slim, with small titties and a sweet face. Her pussy completely shaved and ready for a daily assortment of strangers to fuck it. We fucked for a little while with a condom, then slipped it off for trickery bareback. Oei’s pink teen box kisse dmy cock and I blasted a load all over her small soft buns. Being the gentleman I am even helped clean off the load with a tissue. Few things in life are better than eager Thai teen pussy and Oei has it in spades. You can say she’s sitting on a goldmine with that little snatch.


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Pammy big floppy tits were impossible to pass on. After a quick tease session in her bar we went off for a short time. I was hypnotized by her swaying tits and ass bouncing in my face during the 69. Pammy was insistent on a condom while fucking, and the helicopter motion of her tits while fucking made me temporarily retarded for the session. With all that tits and ass overload I came on Pammy’s stomach. I’m still shaking my head in disbelief so enjoy this curvacious Thai babe.


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Thai gogo dancer loves sex

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